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Boca juniors soccer school - FaQ

Boca juniors soccer school - FaQ

1. What is Boca Juniors?

Club Atlético Boca Juniors, “BOCA” http://www.bocajuniors.com.ar, is an Athletic Club based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded in 1905. Although Boca Juniors has professional basketball and volleyball teams, it is best known for its glorious soccer achievements. It has consistently been among the top 25 soccer teams in the world since its foundation. Today, it is a global brand with more than 60 soccer schools around the world that bring world class development programs to youth seeking to excel in the sport of soccer. Some of the world’s soccer legends that have defended the colors of Boca Juniors are Diego Maradona, Gabriel Batistuta, Martin Palermo, Carlos Tevez, as well as many other iconic players of the sport.

Read more at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boca_Juniors/



2. What is the Boca Juniors Soccer School?

The Boca Soccer School is a curriculum-based program for youth players ranging in ages from U6-U13. It is run by certified, professional trainers and educators and is based on the principles of the successful youth development programs of Boca Juniors Argentina that are based in “La Casa Amarilla” (The Yellow House). The School also adheres to the guidelines of the US Soccer Federation and FIFA. This is a tailor-made developmental program for young players looking to progress from a recreational to competitive level in a professional environment that focuses on the individual technical and tactical skills as well as teamwork development.


 The mission of the development program at Boca Juniors is:


  • To develop players through superior technical and tactical soccer training.
  • To provide professional and collegiate opportunities for all of our players, of all races and economic backgrounds.
  • To make a positive impact on all of our players’ lives.
  • To be recognized as one of the best soccer schools and competitive clubs in developing young athletes.


Boca Juniors Long Beach and St. Anthony High School (SAHS) have formed a partnership for exclusive usage rights at the Clark Ave. fields. In this agreement with SAHS, Boca will make improvements and remodel the fields in exchange for calling SAHS its home for the School, clinics, & camps. In addition, Boca Juniors is forming an alliance with Outbreak Soccer Center, in Signal Hill, to run additional training programs and clinics (for both players and coaches).



3. What is the difference between the Boca Soccer School and a recreational program like AYSO/LBYSO or a club program?

There are 3 clear areas of differentiation between the Boca Soccer School and a recreational or club competitive program: the level of coaching and intensity of training; the level of competition; and the cost. However, it is important to note that the Boca Soccer School does not have to be an exclusive program; it is the perfect complement to any other soccer program - recreational or competitive.


  • The level of coaching and intensity of training: The Boca Soccer School is an introduction to a professionally run environment closer to what the kids will encounter in a competitive club environment. The School will help make the transition from recreational to Extra, Signature, and Club training easier and keep in line with those kids who are already used to a more structured training environment like Clubs or Extra/Signature programs. The School will identify their level of development and position them to continue growing as a player. The coaches will work on identifying strengths and weaknesses of each student and work accordingly to address them in the training. All of our coaches in the school are also coaches of competitive club teams. Our goal is to help mold players in a way to help them excel in the pursuit of Extra/Signature or Club programs. Different than an Extra/Signature or Club program, our school is open and inclusive to any players looking to develop and grow in the sport of soccer. We do not require tryouts to be a member of the School, one simply registers and the play begins!
  • The level of competition: The Boca Soccer School will introduce the kids to a higher level of competition in a controlled training environment within the level of development identified by the coach. In addition, during our Sunday futsal league games, we will maintain the concept of AYSO of equal playing time. The Sunday league will be competitive and will allow other “outside” teams to join. This will gradually introduce the players to a competitive environment that they will encounter at Extra/Signature and Club level. Our league is purposely organized in a futsal environment a) to help maintain small rosters that increase playing time and b) held on a surface that allow the players to apply the skills they are learning during the week at the School.
  • The cost: Compared to the average cost of Club fees, our Fall & Winter School fees combined are still less than half of what one would pay in Club dues. It is higher than recreational programs, but in line with the cost of Extra/Signature programs.



4. What kind of coaching shall I expect for my kid in the Boca Soccer School?

All of our coaches are certified by Club Atlético Boca Juniors and are licensed, professional soccer coaches with many years of experience, often times with experience as professional players, also. The School is led by the following qualified coaches:


  • Sebastian Carrasco: *DOC for Boca Juniors LA *USSF National A Coaching License *Former Argentinian Professional Player
  • Conor Ward: *Director of Boca Juniors Soccer School *Level 2 Scottish FA Licensed Coach *Former Scottish Professional Player *UK International Coach
  • Brian Irvin: *Head Coach and Manager of High Performance Programs for Boca Juniors Long Beach *USSF National A Coaching License *Former UCLA Player *Former Professional Indoor Player

5. What is the curriculum of the school and how will this benefit my son/daughter?

The school has 3 stages of education that the kids will work through in the Fall & Winter programs. On the first day of school, each student is evaluated by the coach and will be aligned with the correct skill level group. The groups can focus on specific areas according to their level of development.


 The main philosophy of the school is to create players who are comfortable on the ball, that are able to make quick decisions, and executing those decisions with technical excellence.


 This will happen through 3 stages of the soccer school:


 Stage 1

  • Ball mastery & ball manipulation
  • Terminology on the field
  • Decision making


 Stage 2

  • Speed and agility work with the ball
  • Dynamic 1v1; 2v1; 2v2; 3v2 Overload situations for Attacking and Defending (transitions) and education how these transitions can appear on the field (position specific)
  • Introducing eating habits; short, sharp, and explosive fitness work
  • Small sided games


 Stage 3

  • Possession-based attacking phases of play
  • Introducing the kids to larger sided games and encouraging risk taking. Allowing players to express themselves.
  • Players will learn about the roles and responsibilities of the positions on the field. Not only where they play, but throughout the whole team so that they understand how a team has to work together. Classroom type analysis and educational videos will occur as time and availability permits.



6. How long is the school program? And how much is the cost of the program?

The school has 2 seasons: the Fall program that starts in September and ends mid-December; and the Winter program that starts the beginning of January and ends at the end of March. The cost of the program per season is $290 for kids U6-U10 and $325 for kids U11-U13. For those interested, payments can be made in cash, check, or credit card. A small payment plan payments will also be available. This fee includes a session of 1h20m or 1h30m (depending on age group) twice per week and 2 Boca Juniors Long Beach shirts for practice and uniform. The Boca Soccer School Long Beach will take place at Outbreak Soccer Center in Signal Hill and St. Anthony High School sports fields on Clark Avenue. Location and exact dates will depend on the age group. For more information on the schedule and training locations please visit our website: http://bocajrsla.com/long-beach.html



7. Are there also games on the weekends as part of the school?

Yes, the school fees include registration of all of our students to play the Boca Juniors Futsal Cup to be played on Sundays at Outbreak Soccer Center in Signal Hill.  This tournament will be a league that will run for the duration of the school and will be open to teams in recreational, Extra, Signature, and Bronze levels.



8. Does Boca Juniors also have a competitive Club program?

Yes, Boca Juniors Long Beach is starting its competitive club program to compete in the 2017-18 season. We plan to have open tryouts for ages U9-U14 in January 2017 and U15-U18 in March 2017. A detailed schedule and registration information will be available online closer to those dates. For more information, you can visit our website at: http://bocajrsla.com/long-beach.html





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